Unlock the full potential of your Headless CMS

Mobile apps, corporate portals, product pages, newsletters - content distribution channels are diverse and new formats and devices are constantly being added. The user rightly expects individually matching information in an optimal presentation from all channels. With a Headless CMS, many companies have already found the right implementation tool, but are they really using its full potential?

Deane Barker, an American expert in web content management and blogger for https://gadgetopia.com, commented on the matter at a talk to decision-makers at the Content Strategy Camp 2018. He considers it a problem to have a Headless CMS which relies on a lavishly programmed frontend that may not interact flexibly with the content provided. It is obvious that this procedure can’t be particularly efficient with regard to time-to-market.

The conventional use of a Headless CMS

The "head" of a standard CMS is used to optimally display the content in the front end. If it does not exist, it is a Headless CMS which creates content in a neutral layout. Then it waits to be released. It is, so to speak, that a system is needed as the head that distributes the content with the appropriate layout into the different channels. Companies can either develop their own frontend or use a third-party extension.

Such frontends are often connected relatively static to the Headless CMS and have little flexibility. The content already available in the backend cannot simply be distributed in a targeted manner, but often many functionalities have to be re-set for each individual project. This costs time, money and is in itself completely unnecessary - a Headless CMS has the actual potential to automatically play content from the backend into many different channels.

This is how you can use your Headless CMS in full potential

All you need is a matching Content Services Platform that is connected to the existing system and distributes the created content flexibly with the optimal layout in a multichannel environment. In addition, it adds the appropriate Content Services for the respective use case.

CSPs are being used more and more often. Market research and consulting firm Gartner sees Content Services Platforms as the technology of the future. It is estimated that by 2020, as many as 15% of the companies will be replacing their traditional enterprise content management provider with a new operator offering user-centric Content Services.

Within companies and organisations, the introduction of a Content Services Platform means that for each use case, exactly those functionalities that are relevant are available in that moment. Only used features need to be paid for. If the company evolves to such an extent that resources are no longer sufficient, the CSP can be upgraded at any time.

A huge advantage of a Content Services Platform for companies is also the central storage of documents. No multiple versions, which could lead to confusion, but only one "Single Source of Truth" exists at a location to which all authorised users have access. Along with the time savings, the financial factor also plays a role. Thus, huge storage solutions, versioning and duplicate content are likely to be a thing of the past.

Headless CMS + Content Services Platform = Added value for your business

In addition to the use of a CSP, other components are also important for a successful content management: a sound strategy, and the knowledge of how the different applications of the Content Services Platform can interact with each other behind the scenes. Only the overview of the big picture makes the overall picture perfect and lets it run like clockwork - which brings significant added value for your company.

If the Headless CMS, in conjunction with a Content Services Platform and the appropriate strategy is fully implemented, it is essential to create content continuously. With constantly fresh content that is optimally distributed with the help of CSP, the company's success is guaranteed. 

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