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2017 July 19 at 08:50AM

Corporate communications is assuming an increasingly important role in the overarching communication strategy. 90 percent of companies view attractive content as the key to success, according to the former German "Forum for Corporate Publishing". Added value for the customer should be created by qualitative content. The complexity of content and technology presents new challenges for companies. 5 best practice examples show how the current megatrend Corporate communications can be used correctly and which factors play an important role. 

Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH

Initially launched as a print magazine, "Turn On – The Saturn Magazine" now appears as an online technology magazine with an editorial focus. This medium informs interested parties about technical products, including products from outside Saturn’s own range.

By presenting current trends to a precisely defined target group, Saturn covers a broad range. The commentary function and the possibility to share posts on social media channels allows the active inclusion of the users and simplifies the interest-oriented selection of topics of the next content.

The offer is supplemented by a Youtube channel, on which a well-known Youtuber tests products. This ups the credibility factor.


The big German software producer SAP does a similarly good job.

Through the English-language B2B magazine „The Future of Customer Engagement and Commerce“ SAP provides interested readers with comprehensive information on future-oriented topics in online trading, marketing and sales, as well as achieving the right customer contact.

In doing so, the competence of SAP’s own employees creates a high level of credibility and industry insights are shared. Through strategic keywording (the spreading of keywords into headline and text body), their articles are ranked higher in search engines and thus easier to find by interested readers. The online magazine also promotes the visibility of the brand.

In their magazine, SAP focuses on articles with specific topics that are interspersed with images and videos. The ease of navigation makes it a smoother ride for customers as they browse their way around the website. Limited

The online retailer ASOS relies on inspiration, interactivity and a high identification potential. 

By linking the online store with the ASOS magazine, customers can identify with, and be inspired by, trendy stylists and can pick up some nifty styling tricks. With the integrated Instagram accounts of the stylists, each reader has ready access to views of the featured product in combination with other products - and then purchase them via the website.

A multitude of different personalities in different everyday situations allows a high identification potential for customers. The high professional competence strengthens the company's external perception.

Volkswagen AG

„Das Auto. Magazin“ which is published as a mobile app by Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft in Wolfsburg, won the special award at the Best of Corporate Publishing Award in the field of international communication in Germany in 2015. This was due to the quality journalism in the automotive industry in combination with eye-catching imagery.

Reading pleasure is made possible in six different languages, and thanks to the Responsive designs on a variety of devices. The energetic target group lifestyle is reached and courted via media such as articles about the new Beetle, put together during the open-air season, and with the related comments of a well-known style blogger.

The online magazine „Das Auto. Magazin“ is a successor of the print magazine „Volkswagen Magazin“, which was released nine months before.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom uses the Corporate communications approach in a different way. Through its employee/in-house magazine "You and Me" Telekom would like to promote employee identification with their own company. In doing so, Telekom counts on honest opinion expressed by the employees and using this feedback, creates a dialogue on the basis of topics such as criticism, courage, fear or moments. Through simple language, emotional speeches and short texts, a high identification of the employees is invited. The visual appearance of the magazine is characterised by the uniqueness of each issue, but simultaneously given brand continuity (to encourage familiarity) by serial consistency in the design.

„You and me“ shows what kind of added value print media can still provide in the age of digitization and intranets. 


The possibility for interactive communication, a high identification potential for readers, and the high credibility of the content are the main focus of corporate communications.

Corporate communications is not needed by readers, so it should be wanted. Thus, it is not the company, but the target customer’s interests which should drive the content and, in return, the gratified customer will express interest through interactivity with the company and other interested readers. This is the decided advantage over other marketing measures.

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