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AI - benefits and risks for editorial work


Once the stuff of dreams, it served as the far-fetched fodder for Hollywood and the Sci-Fi entertainment industry, and formed the basic premise for movie classics such as AI. Artificial intelligence, since become ever more real in our day-to-day life and work. AI has evolved so much in recent decades that it can now replicate many human perception and action processes. In an increasing variety of industries, human work processes are successfully aygmented, or even replaced by, machines and programs - even in journalism and editorial work. But what advantages does AI bring to an editorial team in the average working day? What are the possible risks? And what should editors and content managers look for when choosing to be for or against AI?...

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Is a Serverless CMS the Nonplusultra in Content Marketing?


“Serverless Architecture”, “Serverless Computing”, “Serverless CMS”: Never heard of? It‘s worthwhile for content marketers to get involved with this rather technical development. After all, "Serverless" also offers some advantages for Content Marketing....

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4 tips on how to identify relevant content correctly


Many companies still use their content strategy to achieve high visibility in search engines. However, the criteria by which search engines rate websites are becoming ever more complex and precise. It is no longer sufficient to ensure that texts include specific keywords and links - content must be relevant.But what exactly does that mean and how can companies best implement this project?...

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The triumph march of digital marketing - How digital transformation is changing corporate publishing


Newspapers and publishers have been in transition for a long time now - and corporate publishing is also increasingly confronted with the paradigm shift: digital information offers are more and more forcing the print versions out of the market. Corporate publishers need to adjust their strategies so as not to be detached from the trends of the digital revolution....

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All roads lead to Rome: different types of content personalisation


The marketing management business is becoming more and more complex, as customer demands are constantly increasing. In order to successfully operate marketing under these conditions, the persons being addressed must feel understood. If the customer is not satisfied, s/he turns to competitors without your company even having had the chance to sell its brand message. ...

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Overrated or indispensable? The significance of a positive user experience


It is no secret that users or customers are becoming increasingly demanding these days. Why? Digitisation gives them a greater variety of options. Due to these heightened expectations, it is immensely important to provide them with the optimal user experience, because only then do they associate a company with positive emotions and, ideally, become an established customer....

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Unlock the full potential of your Headless CMS


Mobile apps, corporate portals, product pages, newsletters - content distribution channels are diverse and new formats and devices are constantly being added. The user rightly expects individually matching information in an optimal presentation from all channels. With a Headless CMS, many companies have already found the right implementation tool, but are they really using its full potential?...

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Content automation - three use cases for increased efficiency in the company


Content management is undergoing rapid change as customers become more demanding: they want to receive quality content, on any channel, at all times that keeps them well informed or entertained. It is important for them to be able to derive added value from the content, otherwise they quickly turn to competitors. It is becoming increasingly difficult for content managers to produce and market content in the required quantity while maintaining their initial high quality....

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Content tracking - only what can be measured can be managed


Content marketing is constantly gaining relevance. Traffic alone is not enough - the user must be effectively interested and become a lead in order to generate economic benefits. The lead is used to identify users who fill out a contact form, download content, subscribe to the newsletter, or otherwise seek contact....

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Digitisation brings with it huge changes. Particularly affected is the media and publishing industry, because the incremental shift from the use of print products to online content is a major challenge. Meanwhile, it also provides the opportunity to analyse user behavior accurately....

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