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Modern company communication: implement multichannel publishing properly

2018 June 27 at 11:21AM

The digital environment opens up new possibilities to consume information. In corporate publishing, a well established format dominated for a long time: Print. Today, however, you have to be present where the customers are.

Readers who consume content on different devices on average stay on a website three to four times longer as when using one device only. Multichannel marketing thus represents a decisive success factor in the digital environment.

Multichannel Publishing refers to the approach of integrating and coordinating content on different end devices. The target group has to be reached on any medium, regardless of the platform, the screen size, or the operating system.

Interaction of the channels

One hand should know what the other is doing – this especially applies to corporate communication. This mantra often refers mainly to the effective collaboration and unified communication of all participants, but it also applies to communication on different channels.

While each individual channel used for corporate communication has its own designated role, the overall effect of communication depends ultimately on the impressive interaction of the channels. However, only if they are all based on the same purposeful idea.

Over the last decade, there has been a downright explosion of new channels, social networks and innovative platforms for corporate publishers. All apparently essential in order to be at the forefront of digitization. However, it is important to know that these channels will only work if they are appropriate for the purpose. No matter how tempting the possibilities are. In addition, all channels must be seamlessly interlinked and cannot contradict each other.

Start with the right strategy

The right approach would be to disregard the channels first and instead concentrate on WHO you want to reach and what GOAL you are trying to achieve. This can only be achieved by investing in a sound planning process involving the market, the public and the brand. This process should lead to a sound, creative foundation on which all further steps are built on.

Only when these elements of the planning are fixed, it is time for the channel experts to determine the optimal mix. By starting with a channel-neutral approach, a more robust, fully integrated, long-term multichannel strategy can be achieved.

Staying with this picturisation - in today's world, it is no longer just a matter of the fact that one hand knows what the other is doing. It means that hands, feet, arms and legs all work together and are guided by a single, target orientated brain, combined with good planning.

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