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Award-winning Content Management - the IT-INNOVATION AWARD 2018 goes to CONTENTPEPPER

2018 June 27 at 13:59PM

Digital Marketing Suite Contentpepper® from App&Web wins the „Initiative Mittelstand“ Prize

Contentpepper® was awarded the German INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2018. Out of a total of over 3000 applicants, and 51 products, Contentpepper® was the most innovative solution in the category CMS, thoroughly impressing the panel of judges.

For 15 years now the German “Initiative Mittelstand” targets innovative, medium-sized IT solutions with its Innovation Prize IT on an annual basis. The award forms a highlight in the run-up to CeBit and has established itself firmly in the IT landscape. An expert jury of industry experts, professors and IT journalists determines the winners amongst the high-quality submissions in the 38 prize categories after a critical, objective examination.

Winner 2018 - Contentpepper

In 2018, the Innovation Prize IT was again launched under the motto "Inspirational - Lively - Digital" and several thousand companies flocked to take part. The judging criteria included not only sophisticated technology, but the easy optimisation of production processes and the resource-efficient use.

App & Web Multikanal Marketing convinced the judges with its Contentpepper Platform in the CMS category, competing against 51 other applicants. Contentpepper’s particular suitability for medium-sized companies (through quick implementation and simple long-term use) was a determining factor.

In addition, Contentpepper combines a wide range of different applications, which the jury also took into account: This content management solution can be used for the administration of multichannel content marketing, the automated generation and administration of leads or for digital marketing and digital publishing platform in different areas. This very versatility is one of Contentpeppers strengths that makes it such an appealing product.

Motivation for further excellent work

Managing Directors, Marc Czieslick and Jochen Lohmann, are honored: „We are extremely happy about the award, which is also a gratifying validation of the dedicated work performed by our young company. At the same time, it is an incentive for us to strive, and reach further towards excellence and success as we continue to optimise Contentpepper.“ The entire App & Web team is delighted with this award.